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Guest Artists

Kyoko Ebata


Kyoko Ebata is a Tokyo-based artist, studied in Geneva and Oxford for high schools, and graduated from Goldsmiths’ College. Ebata works on diverse projects in various mediums around her everyday life including global society, life in metropolis, war and peace, design and taboo, memory and place, aging society, the Great East Japan Earthquake, environmental issues, family and love. 


Her solo shows include ‘Kyoko Ebata: The Perfect Day to Fly’ (2018) at Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo; ‘Washing Hinomaru in Hong Kong’ (2018) at XENOplastic, Hong Kong; ‘method for the surveyor’ (2017) at XENOplastic, Hong Kong for example.


Currently, Ebata runs a project space at an old Japanese house in Tokyo showing a contemporary international programme. She has exhibited widely and received prizes as an artist. Key exhibitions include: Volcana Brainstorm, Yokohama Triannual 2020; The Perfect Day to Fly, Gallery Hashimoto, 2018; Aichi Triennale 2010 Curatorial Exhibition Competition, Culture of Fear, Halle 14, 2006; The First Mediterranean Biennial of Contemporary Art, MEDIARENA: contemporary art from Japan, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, 2004; Young Video Artist Initiatives, Mori Art Museum, 2002.

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Special : Photos from personal collection

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